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Aeroo Report, Cannot retain cell formatting from ods sheet

PostPosted: Wed Oct 21, 2015 2:48 pm
by awesomeME
Hi guys,
I am having trouble keeping format of original template in printed/exported report via aeroo.

I am trying aeroo reports on:
Odoo version: 8.0
Ubuntu Version: 14.04
Libreoffice Version:

The cell value is coming from custom method from odoo having float type.
The value I get from Odoo is e.g. -1234.56 and I wanted to format it as (1234.56).
I have formatted cell properly, still I am getting un-formatted cell value in the report(I print and export both but the result is same.) I tried a lot for this but nothing works, the format works well with the cell value that is not coming from Odoo, but its not working when we get value from Odoo.

Please anybody help me to figure out what is wrong.

Thanks in advance.