JERA B2C E-commerce Suite released!


After two years of development, we have released the ultimate OpenERP and Joomla! e-commerce solution based on JERA Framework.


One of OpenERP pitfalls for years was a lack of decent e-commerce and CMS integration, therefore we  started this project to solve such limitation of otherwise excellent ERP system.

JERA Framework provides a good way to integrate your OpenERP system with your web page, making it as a true customer portal or web shop, preserving all functionality provided by OpenERP system and Joomla! CMS  at the same time!

The main difference of this solution from existing in the market is, that no synchronisation is necessary and it is still secure! Everything is managed in OpenERP itself, but using Joomla! as a true OpenERP interface in real time but preserving security considerations e.g. not direct web user logins into your OpenERP system.

JERA Framework is a highly configurable system. For example, you can create a user via Joomla! web page with predefined security rights in OpenERP system and use resources provided by OpenERP instantly, and more.

The process of making it up and running is straight forward: install, configure, customize your Joomla! theme to fulfil your needs and add additional packages based on JERA Framework, like “Contact Us”.

Stay tuned, more videos to come!

If you are interested in this product, please do not hesitate to fill the online form in our website or contact by e-mail: Šī e-pasta adrese ir aizsargāta pret mēstuļošanu (spam), Jums ir jābūt aktivizētam Javascript, lai to aplūkotu .



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