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Migration and xml_id

PostPosted: Mon Jun 27, 2011 4:56 pm
by qgerome

I'm trying to migrate a db from v5 to v5 for test purposes and I have some questions about it :

Do you migrate xml_id ?
if yes, what does the tool if the xml_id exists in the new db ?

I tried a simple migration with two dbs :
"old db" : v5 database with crm profile and demo data installed
"new db" : v5 database with crm profile without demo data

When I migrated cases from old to new, the migration's process failed because of cases' sections ('cannot have sections with same code')
So I have deleted those from the new database and migrated the sections to the new one but the menus doesn't work anymore (example : "Leads", etc)

Is there a solution for problems like that one ?

Thanks in advance,