JERA Framework

JERA Framework - OpenERP and Joomla! integration framework

JERA Framework is OpenERP to Joomla! CMS integration solution with many common features seamlessly connected.


Alistek Ltd.

Framework is well suited for creating various Joomla! based:

  • sites, displaying OpenERP bound information in a custom designed layout;
  • company website gathering user input from OpenERP native forms;
  • b2b and b2c e-commerce sites;
  • customized OpenERP web-interfaces;
  • self service CRM portals;
  • sites presenting up-to-date product catalogues directly from OpenERP system;
  • simple site receiving a contact information from prospects.

Preconfigured functional packages ond custom built solutions

There are number of ways to use JERA Framework - installing a common, well defined functionalities shipped in a preconfigured packages, or a web portal, with a custom interface, built exclusivelly for the company.

Technical features:

  • OpenERP data display on Joomla! web page in realtime two-way on-line mode;
  • OpenERP data integration on Joomla! menu, component, module;
  • Use native OpenERP menu items in native Joomla! menu modules;
  • Multi-language integration - use OpenERP native translations seamlessly (menu, component, module, views);
  • Locale integration - specific display of data per each locale;
  • Integrated user accounts by connecting user accounts from both systems - separate or same passwords;
  • On login, transparent (optional) creation of pre-existent Joomla! users in OpenERP, according to profile;
  • Display native OpenERP tree and form views on Joomla! component;
  • Coloured row support in native OpenERP tree views;
  • Button widget functionality in tree views;
  • Serve your OpenERP downloadable reports to your on-line community - best integration with Aeroo Reports engine (ODT/ODS/DOC/XLS/PDF/HTML/TXT/EPL2 and other);
  • Serve your OpenERP HTML reports as Joomla! component and module content - best integration with Aeroo Reports engine;
  • Use native OpenERP search views on your Joomla! component;
  • Configurable Joomla! search integration to OpenERP's name_search functionality;
  • SEF URL support;
  • Caching functionality for better performance;
  • Native Joomla! pagination with your OpenERP data;
  • "Skinable" content - Joomla! native stylesheet classes integration;
  • Outstanding performance in displaying your data;
  • Joomla! breadcrumbs on your component;
  • Set Joomla! breadcrumbs from a HTML report;
  • Add CSS stylesheets from a HTML report;
  • Add cookies from a HTML report;
  • Access HTTP (GET/POST) request parameters in OpenERP through context;
  • Cookie and other meta-info integration;
  • Tunable multilevel data drilldown (single/double click) on HTML reports and tree views;
  • Support for native OpenERP Form view (only simple fields supported - char, text, boolean, selection, basic date & datetime, basic float, basic integer, binary, r/o m2o, r/o o2m and m2m);
  • Support for native OpenERP Form view's design elements - label, group, newline, separator, notebook/page, tooltips;
  • Support for native OpenERP Form view's data bound design elements - image/picture, char, text, boolean, selection, progressbar, date, datetime, float, integer, binary, r/o m2o, e-mail, link;
  • Functional many2one widget;
  • Dynamic "states" & "attrs" feature ("invisible", "readonly", etc.) on Form views;
  • Dynamic "on-change" feature on Form views;
  • Additional data bound widgets on Form view - label, radiobutton;
  • Additional data bound widgets on Tree view - image;
  • Calendar report;
  • OpenERP buttons (CSS classed) on tree views in Joomla!;
  • Support for native OpenERP wizards;
  • Insecure Direct Object Reference attack prevention;
  • Cros site scripting (XSS) attack prevention;
  • Reusable Captcha visual challenge-response test;
  • AJAX ready;
  • Integration with JERA InfoWell;

Versions supported:

OpenERP 6.0.x / 6.1.x / 7.0.x <-> Joomla! 1.5.x / 2.5.x



Please consult JERA Framework related FAQ list.

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