Aeroo Reports Printscreen module in action

Aeroo Reports Prinstscreen Demo

This screencast demonstrates Aeroo Reports Printscreen module in action. This module allows instant reports on any Open ERP view in ODS/XLS/PDF file formats at a click of a mouse.

Aeroo Reports Printscreen module replaces original Open ERP's printscreen report, allowing rapid reports on any Open ERP's object in most common spreadsheet formats as well as PDF file format. It fixes several problems with original printscreen functionality, by presenting information on editable spreadsheet with better original field type retention. Module is available for both 5 and 6 versions of Open ERP.

Technical scope for this screencast:

  • Rapid reporting for every object;
  • Shows Aeroo Reports in action on Open ERP's Windows client;
  • Report format conversion in action (original template is in .ods);
  • Switchnig report output formats for a report;

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