Lots of new features in Aeroo Reports v1.2.

Just released a new version of Aeroo Reports for OpenERP 6.0.x/6.1.x/7.0.x

New features and changes: 
  • Direct print to server-side configured CUPS printers (report_aeroo_direct_print module);
  • Two classes of default printers (label and general purpose) per report/user;
  • Direct print wizard with selectable printers;
  • Configurable deferred (aka batch) reporting (deferred_processing module);
  • Option to replace (override) other reports;
  • Format conversion and subreport semaphores;
  • OpenOffice restart command, used on conversion fail;
  • Currency-to-text plugin interface for adding new languages;
  • Currency-to-text new languages (lt_LT, es_ES, tr_TR);
  • Currency-to-text new currencies (MXN, LTL, TRL);
  • Increment/decrement iterator feature on a report;
  • Wikimedia, Markdown and reStructured Text format support for HTML reports;
  • Print-screen (report_aeroo_printscreen) module for OpenERP v7;
  • Number of bugfixes;

Please upgrade Aeroo Reports Python library!

Acquire the code from free of charge:

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