Alistek Ltd.

Alistek Ltd., a privately owned company, delivering IT related services since 2000. We started our operations by providing various Internet services and IT hardware sales to small and midsized enterprises, municipalities and schools in Latvia.

Since the time we have grown to comprehensive IT service provider. Now our competencies cover full range of services - from consulting to implementation and finally user support. We supply our customers with carefully selected IT&T hardware and goods from our partners in the field.

In September 2010 corporate brand was changed to Alistek. By changing the brand of the company we focus on our growing community and customer base, so bringing it better recognition internationally.

Our mission is to provide quality services, concentrate on long term cooperation, and grow along our customers.

In order to provide effective service with high added value, we focus on free, open source software and technologies.

Our customers benefit from vast knowledge and experience of our team in every IT subsector:

  • consulting;
  • software development;
  • drafting and need estimate on hardware and other resources;
  • supply of hardware and software;
  • implementation;
  • user training support;
  • service and resource outsourcing;

This means, our customer can be sure that we are able to deliver the final product of high quality at affordable price.

Our customers:

  • are small to midsized enterprises located in Latvia and other countries in the world;
  • are covering various industries - finance, IT&T, production, construction, public utilities, trading, transport, government and municipality institutions;
  • are concentrating on their critical mission, leaving technical competencies to us;
  • could be you as well!
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